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Any investment bankers/M&A advisors here?


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As many of you know - I've started a data-driven marketing business, and although it's affected by this pandemic - I was fortunate to have resilient customers in my space.


EDIT: If you haven't - here's a link to my previous post - https://www.cornerofberkshireandfairfax.ca/forum/personal-finance/my-business'-profits-cut-in-half-looking-for-new-industries-to-pivot-and-grow/


However, my space (event hospitality, specifically venues, banquets, conference centers, etc.) is heavily impaired and although I'm focusing my sales effort here too, I want to branch out to other verticals.


I've started cold-calling mid-market firms, but it seems I do not understand their business enough for them to feel comfortable talking to me. I think the primary reason why I was successful in my prior niche is that I have 15 years of experience, from dishwasher to VP, where cold leads feel comfortable as I'm part of their world.


I'm not looking to be considered as an insider, but someone who understands his customers. If any Investment Bankers or M&A advisors can provide 30 minutes of your time, it would be appreciated!


I can even provide a 30-minute consult on how you can revamp your marketing efforts, so you can book more business, like my customers are doing now. Generally, I charge $5-10K/month management fees per customer and have spent millions in marketing on behalf of my clients, just to provide some background.


Any insight would be appreciated!

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