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Expansion of Panama Canal


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Article on how the $5.2B expansion of the Panama Canal will cut shipping costs by 30%, and goods shipped from China (where else!) could go directly to New York, rather than offloaded in Los Angeles or Seattle and shipped over by train or truck.  That's why you never overpay, regardless of any competitive advantages you see in a business.  Cheers!



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Though the expansion of the Panama Canal has been on the books and in the works for sometime, this is anecdotal evidence and is one (of several) reasons I have been posting about shipping container companies. In a few years, China Cosco Holdings will be the largest charterer of Seaspan around the time that the big ships can sail thru and bypassing Long Beach.





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Just Remember that its Buffett your talking about  ;)


He probably knows with a 90% certainty or better how much this business will be worth 10, 20, 50 years from now.  Remember at their current pace, China and India will both have 40+ trillion dollar economies by the middle of this century.  My guess is that there will be plenty of business to go around.

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