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Coronavirus-What Is Still Going Well For You?


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There's obviously a ton of talk about all the things that have changed during the Coronavirus pandemic.  I thought it would be interesting to list a few things related to work, family life, routine that haven't really changed.  I'll go ahead and kick us off:


1.  Job-My wife and I are both really lucky to have the same jobs we have been in since before the virus started--no furloughs, pay cuts etc. 

2. Routine(s)-I enjoy walking and for now we are still allowed to walk outside--I'm in PHX, AZ

3. Family Life-It's just me and my wife and since we both WFH for the time being we are actually connecting more and doing more walking, cooking etc. together.



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6 mile daily dog walks through New Orleans have been pleasant.  Plus the city closed the golf course in Audubon Park so its been taken over by the people.  The dog is certainly happy.


Another positive (or negative depending on your industry) is that it is very easy to get a good price on a car if you want to buy one right now.  It's a ghost town out at the dealerships.  They'll take just about any offer to get some inventory off their lot.



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The kids, 1 and 3 are oblivious to the world around them and both happy and energy filled all the time.


While my job certainly hasn't ceased(despite sometimes wishes of such) it's still great having everyone home and together. Also, being able to help out others has been gratifying and further puts into context/highlights how utterly shallow and unfulfilling the pursuit of money is. Its given me thought of accelerating part of my life plan to transition to something like a non-profit or volunteer group. Money really isn't everything, and times like this, in a weird and fucked up way highlight whats important in life.


Also, the boat is in the water and spring has arrived!

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