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Price Movements in Different FFH Stock Symbols


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Am confused by the unequal price movements in the various FFH stock symbols.


For example on 1/21/10:


FFH.TO down 1.51%

FRFHF.PK down 2.66%


Think that both are quoted in US dollars.  Is that correct?  What should the relationship be between the 2 symbols?  Is there are an arbitrage situation?  This has been going on for a while since the delisting.


As an aside, I own the FRFHF.PK and can't see any logical reason for the big price drop since the start of the year.  Does anyone have an opinion on the price drop?  IV seems to be at least (USD) $380 by year end 2009 and here we are again well below book.  Is Mr. Market being silly or is there something that we all are missing as FFH "fans?"


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so looking at the direct comparison of FRFHF.PK and FFH-U.TO


They closed today at 348.95 and 350.00 respectively.






oldye, I hope that exclamation means you are joking?  This looks like picking up nickels in front of a steamroller to me.


ok22, at a minimum I think you should read the following two short sections of this article.  They are highly relevant to what you are suggesting. 




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