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Vincent Bolloré : The New King of the European Media - Fiorina Capozzi

John Hjorth

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Amazon link. Available in English, French & Italian.


After reading the April 2016 review of the English version of the book I immediately pressed the buy button on Amazon UK :


Bolloré is a major financier and dealmaker whose history sheds light on many of the most consequential French and Italian business developments of the past fwo decades. His story should rival that of Andre Meyer as told by Carey Reich--but regrettably, at least here it does not.


The problem is that the author, an Italian business journalist, has an exceedingly shaky command of English, which her editor --assuming there was one--has done little or nothing to correct. The result is a narrative so laden with malformed, oddly joined sentences and even odder malapropisms as to be almost impossible to get through without constant rereading--often of whole paragraphs, sometimes entire pages.


That no one at the publishing house saw fit to have a native English speaker do even minimal editing represents laziness of a very high order--and a disservice to the author who for all I know has produced a brilliant and compelling biography and business history...albeit in Italian.


I expect multi-level entertainment! [ : - P ]

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