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china bubble how to profit from it?


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you could try to short a China ETF.



That's great way to lose money, I don't see why it could be even remotely considered value investing. A bubble can last much longer then your wallet.


Also, I don't see how you can have any informational advantage with this macro thing. Do you go regularely to china, do you have deep knowledge of their financial system, their government, their currency strategy, their inflation strategy, their infrastructure spending, etc... If you do then  you might want to try. But might I remind you that there is thousands of analysts checking china and "trying" to profit from it. All of those analyst probably have much better knowledge then you about the subject, remember HK is a financial center so they have a huge advantage over you being close, speaking the language and with political contacts. I doubt that you have any knowledge advantage over any of those guys, so why bother even trying.


As charlie munger would say "You don't want to be like a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest"



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