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Companies affected by the Gov shutdown


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I haven't paid that much attention to the government shutdown because it seems like staged political drama and we have seen these come and go before with little to no impact on our lives.


But as it enters the 32nd day and is now the longest shutdown we have experienced, it started me thinking about what companies would be effected.


Most won't be affected at all, but I am guessing that some, in particular, the small ones, will be affected dramatically, both for the positive and the negative.


What companies or industries can you think of that would be affected by the shutdown?

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Guest Schwab711

ANCX provides loans to a lot of small businesses in the area. All government contractors are unlikely to be made-whole for back pay. They probably provide mortgages to a lot of government workers. That could have an affect.


Federal government contractors should be the main ones 'hurt' by any shutdown affect.

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I heard at work that the process to grant export licenses is currently stalled (import licenses too). This affects a lot of high tech goods, but also services. Over the long run, this could severely affect trade. Even the import/ Export US government website is currently not working in some areas. Funny how an existing website stops working with a government shutdown.


The inability to get export licenses probably could cause lost business/delays and weakness a few month down the road.

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