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Key financials for private European companies


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Good morning -


I came across Companies House in the UK, where one can find brief financial statements of private companies.


Has anyone come across similar websites for Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland (I highly doubt it), Sweden etc?


Thank you


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Norway :


Brief financial statements : proff.no [free], &

Full financial statements : The Brønnøysund Register Centre [free] [Press "English" top right][e-mail service for free - subject to creating a free account on the site].


Sweden :


Brief financial statements : proff.se [free], &

Full financial statements : Bolagsverket [nominal fee - about SEK 25 per piece, IIRC].


Denmark :


Brief financial statements : proff.dk [free], &

Full financial statements : Please just post your request in this topic, and I'll get it to you for free [request & delivery in this topic, not by PM or e-mail, please].

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