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IBKR margin restriction rules in the advisor account


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IBKR no longer offers peuso-margin accounts for non-IRA accounts. However, I really don't like using the cash account because there are some benefits of the margin account vs cash account:

1. No Reg T violation possible, no matter how frequently I trade.

2. No need to wait for 3 days to settle and I can sell a stock and immediately buy another one.

3. I can enroll in their enhanced yield program to lend out my stock to earn extra.


However, I really don't like to accidentally borrow margin or sell short as I may have a fat finger and execute a wrong trade.


I called their REP to ask what I can do now that they don't offer pseudo-margin accounts anymore.

They said I can create a friend and family advisor account to manage my individual account, and in the adviser account, there is a pre-trade configuration page where I can setup trading restrictions like the following.


Has anyone been using this feature? Is there any other rule I am missing to make sure my margin account won't actually be using margin?


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