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Presentation by Josh Wolfe of LUX


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Hi Liberty. Thanks for always sharing some very relevant and thoughtful ideas you come across. Much appreciated.



This is an internal presentation that was released publicly. Mostly about technology, progress, how they invest, but also some philosophy/psychology stuff.


High level stuff, but I found it interesting.

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Agree Liberty. The FS podcasts are always so good. They would resonate with audience on this board. The FS podcast with Adam Robinson was particularly relevant to investing and value investing - posted this link on the thread in General Discussion about "why I've left value investing".



What are some of your favourite Farnam Street podcasts? Mine include ones with Angel Philosopher Naval Ravikant, Adam Robinson, Atul Gawande, Barbara Oakley on Education and Barbara Coloroso on parenting.



I've enjoyed this recent podcast interview with Josh Wolfe:




And this previous one was also quite good, for those who missed it back then:



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