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Questions for Micro PE Podcast Project


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I'm working on a podcast project that seeks out conversations with owners and investors, with a focus on micro private equity (think Chenmark Capital, Brent Beshore, search funds, and Shane Parrish's Syrus Partners) and I'm looking for advice on questions and the project in general.


First, what questions regarding micro pe could I ask that would be thought provoking and could lead to really insightful answers? One question idea I have that fits this category is what did you learn about private business investing that surprised you when compared to public investing? Another one, that assumes they have acquired a business, is if your business was a public company, what would even the most well-read investor not know about your business?


Second, I really like the final questions from Invest Like the Best ("What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?") and Capital Allocators ("What information do you read that you get a lot out of that nobody else reads?") and I want to ask similar questions. What ideas do you have for this category of questions?



One last comment, I'll be visiting NYC next week and I'd love to meet anyone on here who could provide advice/wisdom in micro pe, podcasting, or general investing. Looking forward to visiting NYC for the first time!

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I just put together a website for my project and I've posted the first podcast episode with Trish Higgins from Chenmark Capital in Portland, ME. Constructive, I asked your question in the interview, thanks for the suggestion! Let me know what you all think of the episode, would love to hear your feedback.


It's not on iTunes yet since they need to verify it, but I'm able to post it in the meantime.



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