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BILD meets world's richest key witness

John Hjorth

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I'm on daily basis following the whole soap opera related to the Danske Bank money laundering scandal. I'm entertained at a highly satisfactory level. Today it's in the Danish news, that the Danske Bank whistleblower has hired an attorney called Stephen M. Kohn with speciality [superstar status?] in representing whistleblowers.


Here is a story about one of his former clients: This man destroyed Swiss bank secrecy.


Special situation investing, to say the least : Do something illegal, do the time for it, and then cash in - dearly!


From the article:

Birkenfeld: The exact amount written on the check was: $75,816,958 and 40 cents. I have to say it was pretty awesome! ...


... TWO Porches!?


Birkenfeld: Yes, the first one was a Cayenne which I've always wanted to own. I went back to the dealer a few days later and told him: "The poor thing feels lonely, he needs a girl." So I got the 911 Convertible as a nice companion. ...


. . . And then?


Birkenfeld : Then start a party until doctor arrives. That's what you can do after you've pocketed a few million dollars ...


Live like there is no tomorrow. ... Perhaps the doctor arrives after a hitman has delivered on a contract on him, depending on who he's turned in.

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