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Einar Aas


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Einar Aas was apparently Norways largest individual taxpayer because he ran his trading portfolio under his own name. He had a huge position in the power price market and when a black swan event happened on the spread of power prices between Germany and Norway he lost ~134 million. Now he has to liquidate his estate and file for personal bankruptcy. I am sure a guy like this has money stashed in tax havens but it is still an interesting story.








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The whole situation about Einar Aas has been covered intensely in the Scandinavian Press, and I have read a fair part of it. The whole thing to me just appear absolutely surreal, when one self is wired just totally different. To me, it appears like "No sweat" on all the way up, and also "No sweat" on all the way down, even if all the way down is right into Hell.


There are things & events that I personally choose not to relate to. This is one of them. Furthermore, I simply can't.


Mr. Aas's assets has been freezed under a Norwegian Chapter 11. If he's cheating with some assets overseas or whatever under that Chapter 11, he'll most likely end up in jail at some not further specified time in the future.


The whole thing about him to me appears just to be "a game".

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