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Dhandho Holdings


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  • 2 years later...

Does anyone else own this?  Two or three years ago (both actually) he said he was going to distribute the proceeds from the Stonetrust sale and wind everything down until there was only a "sliver" of stock holdings plus the GP ownership interest of Dhandho Funds....  But then last year, he reinvested the last of the proceeds from the Stonetrust sale back into the stock market (instead of distributing it), and said he was looking forward to gains on the stock holdings over the next few years.

Am I imagining things or is this a course reversal?


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  • 2 months later...

I believe there is still over $40 million in capital at Dhandho Holdings and a bit more that 2/3 of it is invested in the stock market.  So that's like $26 million or more still invested in common stocks.


There is something that I don't like about this. Years ago now, he said that he was winding it up and that he would distribute the proceeds as soon as possible until only a "sliver" of equity holdings was left in addition to the Dhandho Funds GP.


Well, I dare say that $26+ million is not the "sliver" we were promised.


Instead, and for years now, he has telling remaining people that if they need liquid funds they can redeem their shares at book value WITHOUT ANY COMPENSATION FOR THEIR SHARE IN THE GP.


I don't like this.  Feels like they win big when somebody gets fed up and redeems.


Please just return our capital as soon as possible as promised.  Liquidate the stock portfolio now.



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