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Writing a Berkshire Hathaway Book


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I know there have been a million written already, but it seems as though virtually all of them quote Buffett and provide reference where they are quoting him, but they don't get permission to use his quotes except for the book from Cunningham.

I suppose my question has answered itself, in that an author doesn't have to get permission to quote him as long as he provides the proper reference, right?

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If you quote verbatim, use quotation marks or a clear indent and provide a complete reference.

If you paraphrase, still need to provide reference.

When in doubt, acknowledge where credit is due.


Even if you provide reference, you are not automatically relieved from copyright infringement, which implies that your work is taking an unfair advantage of another author's contribution. You work has to be significantly different (different perspective, level of analysis etc).


If you go through what Mr. Buffett has written over the years (public domain), and extract what you need to develop a unique and differentiated insight, you don't need to obtain permission.


Good luck on your project.

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