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Christopher Browne of Tweedy Browne Passes


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He was one of my heros for taking on Conrad Black and Hollinger . This took a great deal of courage which is something missing amongst the cadres of professional money managers. All too frequently when there is corporate malfeasance in the executive suite the reaction of investors is to sell the stock and move on. Thinking and ACTING with an owners mentality is one of the prime attributes of the value investor IMO. Mr Browne your clients and fellow value investors will miss you.

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His book is probably one of the best personal finance and money management I have ever read.  His idea of keeping 3 years of expenses and putting the rest in stocks is probably one of the best ideas I have read about in this area.


Are you referring to the Little Book on Value Investing? I did not read the book, but I thought it was about value investing rather than personal finance. I am now thinking of buying it after your post.

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Chris Browne left behind a good legacy of investment research.  The last item is a speech he gave at Columbia in 2000.  I recall reading their paper on "What has worked in investing" a few years ago -- dry, but a worthwhile read.





It's sad ... but ... Warren's generation is slowly giving way to the next.

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