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China Hustle Movie - I heard it was really good, FYI


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I just watched this.  It was really good!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone.


I wrote an issue for my subscribers about China recently.  It is mind bending some of the stuff that is going on.  I know macro stats have been funny for a while, but if you actually dive into some of the companies, like China Evergrande, that embody some of these risks it is eye opening.  Everyone, in my opinion, should be paying attention to what is going on there.  There has been misallocations on a scale that I am not sure we have witnessed before.  Case in point Evergrande has this http://www.oceanflowerisland.com/en/video.aspx and it is just one of 800 projects they have on the go!  It is a homebuilder with US$240bil in assets and the balance sheet is levered 10x!  Crazy stuff.

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