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  1. On SA someone however mentioned the following: I don't pretend to understand the medical logic of the busulfan explanation. First, they pre-condition the patient with busulfan chemo. then they insert the gene via the lentivirus vector into the patient DNA. They find AML blasts in the patient stem cells with the lentivirus present. How does finding the lentivirus exonerates busulfan? The lentivirus is infused a short time after the busulfan chemo, had the chemo been the cause for AML what prevents the lentivirus to be present in the blasts, it comes after busulfan. Relief
  2. Jacob Plieth of Evaluate Vantage is critical of Bluebird for disclosing the latest news about the two cancer cases in the SVB Leerink healthcare conference rather than in a regulatory filing. He's not wrong but this webcast was advertised well in advance and was just one day after Q4 2020 release. I couldn't find the traditional quarterly CC, strange and the next day as the encouraging news flowed through the WC the stock got weaker(thanks for the chance to pick up some more BLUE) Nevertheless, he's very informative and has a timeline I don't recall from listening to the webcast. "Blueb
  3. The CEO and the CMO of Bluebird presented today at SVB Leerink Global Healthcare Conference. The fire chat was very informative re the two cancer cases. they said that the investigation is going in a positive direction and elaborated on each case. They were very transparent but I know them to be promotional so.. https://investor.bluebirdbio.com/events/event-details/svb-leerink-global-healthcare-conference
  4. There's also their collaboration agreement with Regeneron. Mr. Yancopoulos Regeneron's CMO and cofounder had said at a recent conference that Bluebird and Alnylam remind him of Regeneron when it was a young company and generally that the collabs are going very well. Regeneron is not very promotional but has good science. REGENERON AND BLUEBIRD BIO ANNOUNCE COLLABORATION TO DISCOVER, DEVELOP AND COMMERCIALIZE NEW CELL THERAPIES FOR CANCER https://investor.regeneron.com/news-releases/news-release-details/regeneron-and-bluebird-bio-announce-collaboration-discover
  5. An Altius' portfolio company. "Wolfden Resources and John Tumazos Very Independent Research, LLC" A webinar from Feb 17, 2021 at 4:00 PM EST. https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2213533923269875981
  6. A webinar from Feb 17, 2021, at 9:45 AM EST. "Altius Minerals Corporation and John Tumazos Very Independent Research, LLC" "Altius Minerals works to make an IPO of its ARR TSE-listed “Altius Renewable Royalties” renewable energy portfolio to raise C$100 mm and quantify Altius’ retained two-thirds stake at a significant value nearer C$200 mm..  While progress has been fine on the 4.08 mmt Pickett Mountain zinc polymetallic deposit in Maine" https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/recordingView?webinarKey=964618455920349196&registrantEmail=talran%40yahoo.com
  7. Yes, copper is on a tear, with the March contract closing on Friday at $4.067 more than double from calendar 03/20 of just over $2. https://www.cnbc.com/quotes/@HG.1 Also, Iron ore came out strong from the Chinese new year holiday with FE65 at c$195 I'd read an announcement from $IPI that they're raising the price of potash by $50
  8. SJ, Home, auto, commercial, industrial, BI, infrastructure. The original links: https://www.artemis.bm/news/kcc-raises-us-winter-storm-insurance-industry-loss-estimate-18-billion/?source=content_type%3Areact%7Cfirst_level_url%3Aarticle%7Csection%3Amain_content%7Cbutton%3Abody_link https://seekingalpha.com/article/4407673-us-winter-storm-uri-insured-loss-to-break-records-may-reach-double-digit-billions?mail_subject=steve-evans-u-s-winter-storm-uri-insured-loss-to-break-records-may-reach-double-digit-billions&utm_campaign=rta-author-article&utm_content=link-0&utm_medium
  9. U.S. Winter Storm Uri Insured Loss To Break Records, May Reach Double-Digit Billions shorturl.at/qyKZ2 "The ongoing winter storm event in the United States, named winter storm Uri, is thought likely to become the largest winter storm loss on record for the insurance and reinsurance industry. The Texas insurance regulator said it could have a bigger impact than hurricane Harvey." KCC raises US winter storm insurance industry loss estimate to $18bn shorturl.at/jAKR1 "Catastrophe risk modelling specialist Karen Clark & Company has updated its estimate for insurance and rei
  10. Altius to acquire 3.125M(@ $0.32ps) additional shares of Wolfden Resources in a private placement for $1M. "The Shares to be acquired by Altius under to the Private Placement will represent 2.28% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares of Wolfden (“Common Shares”). Prior to the closing of the Private Placement, Altius owns 14,200,000 Common Shares representing 10.86% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares and 7,100,000 warrants of Wolfden (“Warrants”) exercisable into 7,100,000 Common Shares, which, if exercised, would represent approximately 15.44% of the issued and outstanding
  11. Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corporation (TSX:LIF) - Rio Tinto releases IOC production and sales information https://labradorironore.com/news/labrador-iron-ore-royalty-corporation-tsx-lif-2121/
  12. I don't think we have enough info to get LRC's valuation. I'd asked for the latest presentation on LRC's site but it looks outdated so we'll see. https://lithiumroyaltycorp.com/
  13. Altius Participates in Lithium Royalty Corporation Financing More interest in Altius' assets. https://altiusminerals.com/press-releases "Lithium Royalty Corporation (“LRC”) LRC, of which Altius is a 12.6% founding level investor, has agreed to a US$40 million investment by New York based private equity firm Riverstone Holdings, part of a larger US$70.7 million offering by LRC. Pursuant to this investment Altius has exercised its pro-rata equity participation right (through investments in affiliated limited partnership LRC LP I) by committing an additional US$7.6 million. Altius als
  14. Altius Provides Update on Coal Litigation Hearings Things aren't going Altius' way. "On January 4, 2021, the Master granted the application to dismiss the Statement of Claim on a summary basis and without a trial. Altius believes that this decision is in error and incorrectly applies the law on taking and constructive expropriation. It is entitled to a full hearing before a Justice of the Court and intends to appeal the decision to a Justice of the Court promptly." https://altius.cmail20.com/t/ViewEmail/d/F466B86C9C65637E2540EF23F30FEDED/80294187C83511503EDEEDC46EB9B960 edit:per
  15. AbraPlata Resource Corp. live webinar (w/ replay) Thursday, January 7th, 4:05 PM EST Altius Minerals 11% https://mailchi.mp/amvestcapital.com/join-us-abraplata-resource-webinar-thurs-jan-7-405-pm-est-well-funded-silver-and-gold-exploration?e=1979b7cf7b
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