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Aircraft values - sources please (A320-200/ALGT Allegiant)


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I wish to establish whether ALGT got a good deal when they recently purchased 12 new A320-200s for an estimated $300m-$350m.


Problem is as I understand it the official new list price of $99m from Airbus http://www.airbus.com/content/dam/corporate-topics/publications/backgrounders/Backgrounder-Airbus-Commercial-Aircraf-price-list-EN.pdf is essentially meaningless. Allegedly discounts of up to 50% are fairly routine. However it does not square with the second hand prices I've been seeing, although prices are hard to find. This site shows 11 year comps selling for more than $30m, but then again that is the list price?? http://www.avibroker.com/saleavailability.asp


Anyone out there that's knowledgeable about this, please?

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AVITAS publishes a blue book that you might be able find at a library. There are other similar aviation consultant companies who do something similar. There's also a fella on the airliners.net that publishes values every quarter or so, username is LAXintl


Quick search last one I could find was spring 2017:


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Thanks GYT!


I've come across that forum before, but posted the question there now. I cannot PM LAXInt directly, because I just joined. Repeated the above there, but waiting to have my first post moderated!! LOL

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