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Law firms negociations


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Hi, our company is considering switching law firms in a cost reduction effort. The majority of the work we need from a law firm is related with IP.


I was wondering if anybody else on the board has experience switching law firms? Any recommendations?

How did you proceed with negotiating a better rate? For example, were you able to negotiate better hourly rates?




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Guest cherzeca

usually the firms that will negotiate rates are not the "better" firms. right? but maybe you dont need a "better" firm. or maybe you need to manage how the "better" firm staffs and work on your matters. often if you can manage the number of hours the firm puts in, rate becomes secondary.  so if you focus on providing focused or narrow matters for the firm to work on, and make sure that the matter is not staffed in a way that works for the firm's rather than your benefit, you might be able to get quality work at an acceptable all-in price.

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This should be a fairly easy process.  A lot is going to depend on what market you are in.


In the Detroit area, Houston, NC, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, NYC and a few other markets, there are HORDES of un/underemployed attorneys shuffling about.  It is not quite the "zombie apocalypse" it was a few years ago...but it is still bad.


So go to a couple few other firms and tell them you are not satisfied with the price/service you are getting.  What can they do?


If you are doing fairly routine (low or mid level)work, most firms are simply going to jump at taking new business.  If you are doing very high value, VERY high end work, you might have a problem.


If that is the case, take your low & mid-level work somewhere else.


I would also simply tell your current firm their price is simply not acceptable.


What are they going to do?  Say "no" to paying work?


Word is only slowly starting to get out about this...but there are TENS of thousands too many attorneys.  Prices are coming down and WILL be coming down in the future.


The law field is simply a dumpster fire...complete and utter devastation.  That is why law skewl enrollment is down, and so many skewls have been sued by disgruntled graduates.


I know a "boutique" law firm in the Carolinas.  A couple of years ago, one of their partners was regaling me with a story about how his ingenious secretary built a "special contraption" to hold all the resumes that were being mailed in.  I said, "I didn't  know you were hiring".  He replied that they were not hiring and DID NOT have an open position.  They simply got hundreds of unsolicited resumes from desperate graduates and attorneys.


So let us know how you do!

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