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I'll be in Toronto this evening (April 27)


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Today I'll be in Toronto (for CSU AGM...). Planning to have drinks with fintwit and CoBF people who want to join me at the C'est What pub (exact time tbd, prob around ~7-8PM until maybe 11-12). I'll try to post on my Twitter and here when I have the exact time (I'm walking from the train station to my AirBNB, then getting something to eat, and then I'll go to the pub).




C'est What:

67 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1B5, Canada

+1 416-867-9499




If you want to drop by and say "hi", feel free. It's totally ad hoc. It's just so rare that I go to toronto that I figured I'd try to meet some online people.


I'll also be at the CSU AGM the next day. I'll be the only guy not wearing a suit (I don't own a suit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).



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By my count 9 or 10 people showed up, which is more than I expected.  Thanks for coming! I had a great time. (we had people who flew in all the way from Scandinavia, Europe, and two New York hedge fund gentlemen who joined us later in the evening).


Who knows, maybe I'll try to come to toronto again next year and try to make this into a yearly thing...  :D

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Well, that was fun. I ended up meeting about 15 people who either are on Twitter or on this forum that I had never met before. The AGM was very instructive, IMO. Great chance to hear all of the division heads answer questions for a couple hours, get a feel for the depth of the bench and how they're thinking about things and what they're focused on.


I was a bit early to see if I could meet people before the AGM, so I ended up sitting in the front row in the center.


The whole trip ended up costing me:


C$100 train

C$100 AirBNB

C$11 Chipotle Mexican Grill (had never tried it before. I liked it)

C$13 for a scotch at the pub (Highland Park 12, for those curious -- I ended up spilling most of it on myself because I'm used to Glencairn Glasses, so when I brought it up distractedly the angle was all wrong... the barman had pity on me and gave me a refill)


So C$226 isn't bad. Most people probably spend more on a hotel room, and my AirBNB was 2 blocks from the AGM (and right next to the CN Tower downtown). Quite a view:




Here's the view from the conference room at McCarthy Tetrault (CSU's law firm) where the AGM took place:







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