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My Interview with Geoff Gannon


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In this episode I interview Geoff Gannon who is the Founder of www.gannononinvesting.com


I first found out about Geoff around 2005/2006ish and after all this time he's still going strong! In this episode we discuss his concentrated portfolio of just 3 stocks and we take a closer look on some companies such as a monopoly business that sells to the US Navy as well, an interest rate sensitive well run regional bank, the economics of the retail industry and supermarket industry and more!


Website: https://intelligentinvesting.podbean.com/e/10-concentrated-portfolios-retail-supermarkets-interest-rate-sensitive-banks-geoff-gannon/


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/10-concentrated-portfolios-retail-supermarkets-interest/id1205082419?i=1000384269720&mt=2

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What are the 3 stocks?


Really 2 stocks:


Frost - Texas bank

- highly interest rate sensivtive bank

- lots of deposits per bank 200million deposits per bank

- pays no interest to customers

- increased 50%...already at 3/4rds of fair value


BWX Technologies - 20%

- supplies nuclear reactors for subs and aircraft carriers

- monopoly/monosopy - US navy is only customer. BWX is only supplier.

- everything involving nuclear for government...any defense stuff

- very high quality business but pretty expensive right now



Japanese net net - left over from when he did net nets. Not a real position


He plans to by Howden

- 4% same store sales growth

- 4% growth in stores

- perfectly predictable for next 5 years only

- hasn't bought it yet for mostly stupid reasons.


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On 4/28/2022 at 11:01 AM, stahleyp said:

anyone know how these guys are doing with their focused compounding fund?


I've been listening to their podcasts and they've apparently added a lot of capital over the last few years. I've never heard them discuss returns though. As curious as I am I like that they aren't pumping their services by claiming outsized returns.

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