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BRK's Next Chief Investment Officer


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Charlie Munger says (only a little bit

tongue in cheek IMHO) that Bill Gates should be BRK's

chief investment officer (as a humorous comment about

Gates spotting the change in railroads' ROC before Buffett



Could this not be a Freudian slip?  Who better than Gates, BRK's

future to be largest shareholder?

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I think Buffett already said, that the compensation of the potential CIO's if they worked for Berkshire, is nothing compared to what they are already earning, and that their net worths are already substantial.  Thus they are doing it for the right to work at Berkshire, not to make money from Berkshire. 


I'm guessing Brian Bradstreet et al at Hamblin-Watsa are doing it for the same reasons, since any of them could have gone out on their own a long-time ago and started hedge funds or private equity firms.  Friggin' Sam Mitchell sold his stake in Marshfield Associates and decided to work at Hamblin-Watsa as a principal.  That should tell people something!  Cheers!

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