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Podcast: Value Investing in India + Niche Investing


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Hey All,


Just did an interview for my podcast today with one of our members here at CoBF. Would love to have some more of you on. This is such an incredibly intelligent community and anyone who would love to share what they're up to -- would love to feature them on the show.


Here's the latest episode I launched today:




If you'd like to be on the show let me know!



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Impressive reframe.  The reframe added some context that you might be legit and not living in poserville. I add it to my list as well.  The current list: Tim Ferries, James altucher, npr how I built this, Kevin rose the journal, and interesting youtube videos.  That said, current learning attention allocation is 70ish percent reading spiritual books and 30ish podcast/youtube.

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What do you mean by reframe?


I love Tim Ferriss (I'm assuming that's who you meant by Tim Ferries), have met him several times as I've been pretty close with one of his ex-girlfriends for almost 10 years so met him through her. What stuff do you listen to on YouTube? I have a lot of YouTube channels I subscribe to as I do a lot of long drives and get unlimited data.



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Hi Eric,


I used to reframe a lot when I did a nine month experiment in Hollywood in 2011. I rarely consciously reframe anymore do to it's too calculated in nature. It takes serendipity and essence away from a interaction. That said, context matters and when I consistently reframed it was a way to push a narrative to my audience while setting up contingencies in advance to finish my narrative in the context of selling and influence. By you subsciously "reframing"  without knowing about reframing signals highly evolved social skills or EQ as they say.  I didn't mention value investing world as a source website. Probably the best curated content in our space. So good that if that gentlemen creates a paywall I would pay monthly.


That said, most reading is spritual source books.  Most of my reading in business/investing is case study in nature. And in our space I'm noticing a few collective bias that I intend to use when the environment comes. I read the popular newer books in our space only to detect bias in the collective. long post I got going. Lastly, YouTube videos in the context of business are greylock partners, Y combinator, and whatever is interesting that the master curator at value investing world delivers.



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