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3 Rules for Rulers (CGP Grey video, 19 minutes)


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I enjoyed it and thought some here might enjoy it too. Good look at the realpolitiks of taking and keeping power in both dictatorships and democracies.


I laughed, I cried - the feel good movie of the year!


Really makes me wonder about all the different possible outcomes of a Trump presidency.


An attempt to convert the US to a dictatorship & the resultant pine box is a fun thought...

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Somehow now, maximum life expectancy seems to be stuck.

Hope may lie in regeneration biology.

But that field is only in infancy.

The clock is ticking.




If you want to learn more about the potential to cure (or at least delay long enough that new cures can be worked on) the diseases of aging, this is a good start:




Short overview:


This is from 2005, so a decent amount of progress has been made since:



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I have some training in biology.

That may be a handicap in terms of perspective.

Scientific progress is often incremental but can occur step-wise (unexpected).


So, don't want to be a naysayer and dampen the enthusiasm but I would submit that this research is going in a completely different direction.

It's not about finding a way to unclog a blocked blood vessel or to lower blood sugar, it is about a significant change of genetic expression or even a fundamental alteration of the genetic code itself.


Here's a link that offers, perhaps, a more balanced perspective.


Primum non nocere.

Quality over quantity?


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