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Auto-GCAS Saves Unconscious F-16 Pilot—Declassified USAF Footage


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Sully 2, an F-16 student pilot, blackouts at 17,000 feet with full afterburners then goes into a nosedive and the automated GCAT system brings him out of the dive just below 4,500 feet. All this takes place in less than 30 seconds. The hard breathing is the pilot....you hear that it completely stops.



Pilot was doing 8.4Gs....your viewing the heads up display which is basically pointed straight out the front of the cockpit.


The back boxes are just redacted "classified" instrument setting because the air force doesn't want the public or enemies to see.


Basically the guys heart couldn't pump blood to his brain over a certain amount of Gs....and he passed out.


Think of the hud as a quick reference so he can look out the cockpit and not have to look down at this controls

Sorry his instruments


The half triangle half rectangle on the right side is his altitude you can see it drop....basically he banks hard to the left and straight down. the solid line across the whole display at the end is the horizon...you generally want to be pointed always above it. Edit: Speed in knots is the left hand half-triangle/half-rectangle. He's going about 750Mph.


He does about a 55deg dive.


Vhf and Uhf are just communication channels which are pre set to frequencies that they use...so 293.8 is a UHF frequency for something and VHF is set at 10 which is some encoded transmission line. The 17:26:17 is the time....you get the point....



So the thing I circled is the gun target that's where your 20mm bullets go from the Vulcan mini gun are going. Thus the pilot doesn't have to wing it when leading his target.




TLDR: This guy passed out at the stick of $15M Aircraft to be saved by software.....

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