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Game of Thrones. Because its General Discussion.


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I know a lot of people watch Game of Thrones. I do. But if your not reading the books you are missing out on so much more....assuming you have the time and or desire. One of the things that attracts me to it is the amount of detail George RR Martin has put into the books. People, family histories, animals, swords, locations....you name it. Single lines from characters will often hint at whats to come and the unexpected. The rabbit hole is deep.


My Investment related pitch is this.....The ability to pick up on intricacies is a very good life skill. As an investor its its important to constantly be reading. Some even read 500+ pages a week. However that means nothing unless you develop the ability to cross reference things from multiple sources and be able to recall past things you've read can make or break an investment. How many times have you passed on something because you didn't know enough about the investment to actually look into it? How many times did you miss something that was right there in front of you? Putting 2 and 2 together is sometimes all you need. A significant amount of GOT events are foreshadowed.


The show is really good at incorporating the books but if you're a casual watcher you may not pick up on all the intricacies. The below link will fill you in on some of the more interesting theories and just general explanations:


**Spoiler Alerts - All Seasons**



These are a collection of the fan theories from Alt Shift X's Youtube channel that goes into a number of fan theories and explanations....if you've seen all the episodes I think you will enjoy their videos. They source their theories also so some of it is pretty convincing and makes it much more interesting.


The videos are indicated buy a subject and usually followed by the location in the show and books. So the title "Littlefinger: what's Petyr Baelish up to? [s4/ASOS spoilers]" is a video about the character of Littlefinger (Petyer Baelish is his actual name) and references material up to Season 4 on HBO and through the book A Storm of Swords (3rd of 7 books).





Tldr: Feed your Game of Thrones nerdgasm while you wait for Season 7.  Take a look at these videos to help you appreciate just how well written/produced Game of Thrones is. If you like the show you wont be disappointed. At minimum its fun speculation.


I'll see you all at Cleganebowl! Get Hype!




Dont believe me that lessons can be taken away. Heres one of the videos that loosely talks about Confirmation Bias:


Ser Pounce(a cat) = Azor Ahai (The hero that saves the GOT world)



Edit: To be fair a number of them have been busted.

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I've never seen the HBO series, but I've been listening to the audiobooks. I'm on book 5 "A Dance With Dragons" now.  They are excellent, well written, highly detailed (as you said), and the audiobooks are well produced.  I highly recommend them.

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