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Mutual Savings and Loan Association annual reports


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Hello folks


Do you know where I can find  1988 annual report? "While the mess has many causes, which we tried to summarize fairly in our last annual report to stockholders, " --> it comes from http://mungerisms.blogspot.mk/2009/08/rormal-resignation-of-mutual-savings.html

I would like to read it.




P.S. since it is Munger related material, I thought to post this in BH section

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Are you looking for the Wesco annual report?


I dont know - is that the case? Is the Wesco 1988 report to which Munger refers to in this 1989 resignation letter? Because Mutual Savings was part of Wesco?

If yes, then I think I have them and one can easily find them e.g.



Please let me know

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