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Warren Buffett's Ground Rules - Jeremy Miller


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I have been following BRK since the early 90s and really liked Ground Rules.


The information in the book is from the partnership days and has more relevance to the way small investors should approach their investments than the way BRK currently operates.  This is in no way a criticism of the current BRK operation, which has evolved due to the ever increasing size of the firm. 

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Not a lot of comments on the book.  Good?  Even for someone who is fairly knowledgeable with Buffett's history/approach?


I thought it was very good.


I'm not a trained financial analyst (holdings in signature will bear witness...)


Reading through the history of the Dempster Mill deal was cool (I loved the painted inventory level line in the warehouse - simple but effective.)


The book also gives a nice intro to Generals, Workouts & Controls.


Worth reading & anybody who say's otherwise is just itchin' for a fight...

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Not a lot of new material for most of you guys on here.  Easy read though.  He basically quotes and then discusses a point in a brief narrative and then pulls together relevant quotes.  I find it nice to have a bound copy of the partnership letters.  Its kind of like Cunningham's compilation of the BRK letters but moderately inferior to that work as I think Cunningham bring a little more substance to the party.

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