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WEB on CNBC 2016 02 29 - live blog link for those without access to CNBC


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Guest longinvestor

Nothing new, almost all questions were asked before and answered the same way.


One interesting one was the mention of a telephone call between Musk and Buffett on Net metering, Solar subsidies, Battery subsidies etc. "The call ended politely"...hmmm, me thinks this will continue to play out for a while yet.

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The most exciting part is before Buffett joins:



06:02:38:00 ... So I said, "You know what? I can't-- I'm not gonna choose, I'm goin' to bed." And I went to bed before 8:00, so (LAUGH) I have no-- I have no idea-- what--


06:02:52:00 Well, I was with you.


06:02:53:00 Huh?


:o  8)  ;D

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I liked the end of the three hours when Kernen joked about masturbation. Actually, it was more about how uncomfortable Andrew Ross Sorking was with the joke.


And then Kernen weaseled into March Madness ticket.


Some guys get everything it seems.  :P  ::)  ;D

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