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I wanted to introduce myself to the board. I am in my early twenties and will be graduating with my graduate degree in a few months. I started looking at equities when I was roughly 16 and did not realize at the time that we were in one of the largest economic falls that I may experience in my lifetime. I purchased a few shares of PM, MO, GE and took an initial hit that taught me the value of staying power. The interest in equities led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in accounting and I took a fair share of finance class along the way. I am pursuing a Masters in Forensic Accounting and am involved in a student-run mutual fund. I look forward to conversing with some of you and learning along the way.



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There will always be another opportunity.  Investors look at 2008 like it was a single event that will never repeat because since then the market has straight lined up.  We'll have crashes and downturns again.  And just like in 2008 most investors will find reasons to not invest because of 'the fear'.


If you look hard enough there is almost always a market in a recession, but there are also valid reasons to avoid said market.  That's what makes value investing difficult.  If you want to invest in value type investments (not GARP stuff) you'll need to invest when there's a lot of fear and uncertainty about the future.

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Welcome to the forum,


We share a similar background, although I didn't master in forensic accounting. Do you think learning about forensic accounting has sharpened you as an investor, in regards to detecting BS games management is trying to play?


I think it has improved some what. That was a motive behind pursing the masters. Although most of the fraud is not discovered until its too late

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