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Sorry I mean like magazines, newspapers, websites, really any kind of media. I know there is a ton out there, just looking for what you guys have used and recommend.


Personally, I don't read a ton of newspapers, but some good websites are: Value Investors Club, SeekingAlpha, TheinvestorsPodcast.com, ZeroHedge and for a shameless plug, my own website:[ftp=ftp://www.feynmanresearch.com.]www.feynmanresearch.com.



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One thing to keep in mind is that it's extremely difficult to get an information edge; by the time something is in a widely circulating magazine or newspaper, it's probably time to bail out than to jump on it, unless for some reason you can find a valid reason to go against the flow.


Pick your spots, getting to know something really well is a lot more useful than having shallow information on tons of stuff, plus you can always expand later on. Starting with a subject you're interested in will make it that much easier.


If you want a more precise recommandation, I would start by reading up what Buffett wrote: his owner's manual (for BRK stockholders) and annual letters are all freely available on Berkshire's website. And if you dig around on the net, you can even find his old partnership letters (probably even referenced somewhere in this forum).


I posted what follows in another thread not too long ago, but I think it may be useful for you since you mentioned you are fairly new to investing, here's what I consider to be the 3 key learnings of value investing:


1) understand your circle of competency and take it into account when evaluating an opportunity (i.e. the more you stray from it, the more careful you have to be, and the biggest margin of safety you should require);

2) look to the downside first (i.e. Buffett's Rule #1 and #2, and his no called strike, meaning that you don't have to swing at everything, rather wait for the really good ones), otherwise we often end up fooling ourself; and

3) if you are not able to determine how much a business is truly worth based on something else than its capitalization and stock price, you do not know your margin of safety and, thus, are speculating rather than investing.


Many happy returns!

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Forbes and Fortune are good.  I never have cared for Business Week.  If you have time the Economist is good, but I usually just buy a copy periodically as it really goes into depth on it's articles ( I don't always agree, but the articles are well thought out).


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The answer to your question is not really the answer that you need.  Sundry publications/blogs/fora/websites include:

  • Forbes, Fortune, WSJ, Economist
  • This site, Value Walk, Value investor Club, Old School Value, 25iq, Basehit Investing, Columbia Grad of Business Newsletter
  • for$ Value Line, Acquirers Multiple, $$$ Manual of Ideas

This is hardly an exhaustive list.


BUT, even this is an ocean of info. You need a boat to navigate all this. Or to mix the metaphor you need a scaffold to hang this info on.  So I would you suggest that do two things:

  • start reading the essential books of investing, Intelligent Investor, BH annuals, Poor Charlies', The Most Important Thing, Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, The Little Book that Beats the Market (maybe), there are many more, but this is a start.
  • increase your circle of competence, starting with the industry you know best: read the trades, compare the ratios over 5 to 10 years(Valueline), read the annual reports of competitors, suppliers and if applicable customers.


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