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Need recommendation for business checking account


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Hi guys,

    I passed series 65 exam, registered my LLC and currently preparing to start registration with WA regulator. Could anyone of you please recommend a business checking account for me?

    I checked some local banks and CUs.





    US Bank's available list of services is the most extensive while the other two CUs only provide very basic checking account features. Do you know if any of US Bank's features are needed? For example, the "Viewpost® Invoicing and Payments:Create and Send Invoices for Free" feature. Is that ever needed? I know WA regulators require quarterly invoicing to the customers, sent by either email or mail. But if I setup my RIA account in IB, IB will allow me to automatically draft quarterly fees anyway, regardless of whether I send the invoice or not. Do you think this is a feature important enough for me to choose US bank instead of the other two credit unions?







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I don't think you need that particular feature for your RIA bank account. I've used Chase business accounts for multiple businesses and have always liked them. Bank account opinions are tough though because very few people have used that many. I used to use 5/3 but didn't like them so I switched to Chase and I've done everything through them ever since.

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