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Evaluating risks/rewards in a lawsuit


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One of my stock has been engaged in a litigation for about 6 years now. The results of this litigation in a best case scenario could result in an instant 10 bagger or in the worst case scenario about 15% losses (I didn't buy this stock for the lawsuit, the lawsuit is the kicker).


I always find that when there is a legal lawsuit the information on how things are advancing are REALLY thin. You get communicates every year basically saying "we sent some documents, we are waiting". How do you guys go out and get how the legal case is really going, is there some public information that will state the requests, the full legal claims, the liabilities, how things are advancing, etc...



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Get a PACER account.  You can access court dockets for the US Federal Court system (though you sometimes pay a per-page download fee).  Its vital if you are following companies in Chapter 11 or even locating civil cases (ie, lawsuits).  For example, one of my micro-caps (ECRO) was involved in a lawsuit with Bear Stearns but issued very little info via their financials.  With PACER, I could follow the cases via the ongoing legal filings and judges' rulings over time.  (the good news is that ECRO won a 15-cent per share cash settlement and are distributing 12-cents this month -- not bad for a 4-5 cent stock!)





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Xentel DM Incorporated




BeerBaron,  there is some information on BC Court Services Online about a Xentel lawsuit. https://eservice.ag.gov.bc.ca/cso/index.do.  Search for civil cases.  Viewing documents costs $6 each. Is it the same one you are talking about?  (originally filed in April 2001).  I don't know whether there would be a separate federal court registry--I am not a lawyer.  If you call one of the courthouses a clerk would likely be able to explain where to find more information or if there are other registries you need to search.



Provincial Small Claims

Robson Square Provincial Court








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