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FFH is Canada Top EVA-Generating Company


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Note: This is from a Globe & Mail article from May 26/15 called "Searching for the wealth creators" - sorry, I assumed someone would have posted about this already.  And sorry, I don't have a link to the article.


Basically, the author did a search for the 20 best companies in Canada as measured by the Economic Value Added per share in the past year, while filtering for only those who have increased their EVA over the past 12 and 24 month periods.


FFH ranked numbered 1 at 34.7 EVA/share, Constellation Software 23.2, George Weston 10.6, and the rest range from 7.8 to 2.5.


The article defines EVA is the difference between their profit and the cost of the investments made to produce that profit.


It's good to see FFH on top of the list, although I thought I read somewhere that Charlie Munger thought the measurement was crap

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