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Coffee meetup on / near Wall Street


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Hi board members -


I'm organizing a monthly coffee meetup with small-cap value investors in NYC financial district or Battery Park area.  The first meetup will be Wednesday May 20 at 2-3pm. 


My interests are:

- Special situations

- Good companies available for less than asset value

- Owner operated companies

- Small- / mid-cap global

- Behavioral economics

- Reading and learning


The objective of the meetup is to share learnings and insights with like minded investors.  One doesn't have to be employed in the investment business to attend (eg, I am CFO of a PE backed health services firm).


If you share interests, feel free to reply or message me and I will add you to the meetup list.




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If this works out let me know.


I live in Connecticut (Old Saybrook area).


I'd love to meet people that can help me change careers.  I'm currently a software engineer.  I looked into doing money management for the middle class and higher people but once I saw the barriers to entry, time involvement (startup), risk and more .... and the fact that I have two kids.  I gave up.  I figured out that I'd really need to get a job in the industry or win the lottery to change careers in a low risk manner.

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