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Highlights From Fairfax Lollapalooza 2015


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Norm Rothery did a terrific writeup on the Fairfax events for Moneysense magazine.  Norm works tirelessly with me to help put all of these events together, so give him a hardy thanks!  Wonderful article and I'm very pleased, that along with Fairfax, we've put together something quite fun and special for investors and shareholders.  Cheers!









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I didn't realize The Great One was a value investor.


As I am sure many have been to both the BRK and FFH annual meeting, which did you prefer and why?  I have been to BRK several times and have no intention of going back.  Too much of a circus but I understand why people go.  I would like to go to FFH next year and it seems like a great alternative to BRK. 


I have been to the Liberty meetings and not many go at all.  Malone in some respects never has received the recognition that he deserves given what he has accomplished.





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