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Net/Net Graham and Dodd style


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I was wondering if any of you guys ever found Net-Net style of investments that would be fit into Graham's specs in the last year? Most people will tell you that those kind of investments are non-existant anymore because of computers, but I tend to differ in opinion.


If you found them, what were the figures in terms of Net Cash Value, PE, Etc...



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Thanks, I sure am under 50Mand yes computers don't do my work, common sense is not so common even truer with computers! Liquidity of those stocks is no an issue, good valuations are worth more to me then liquidity.


The basket part of Net-Net is quite a problem tough, I'm trying to stay from US equities as far as possible. I consider the possibility of the USD losing value quite high in the near future. I don't like to add risks to my investments. That leaves me with Canadian equities, so a very limited choice. I found a few that showed risks much lower then possible rewards but these will have to be a small part of my portfolio in case I'm wrong.


This will be a first for me, gotta try each plate that fits my taste before I can say I prefer one to the other.




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