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Berkshire and AXP


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Why is BH down the past couple of days while the overall market is up? Is it due to the decline in the price of AXP? If that's the case, that's crazy. BH owns $13B worth of AXP shares, which equates to roughly 3.5% of Berkshire's $356B market cap.


AXP has declined just over 9% in the past couple of days which would represent 0.03% of BH's market cap, yet BH was down almost 1% yesterday alone.


Now, there may be other reasons BH had declined, but if it's just due to AXP then it is an overreaction.


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I wonder how much BNSF is (will be?) impacted by oil drop and possibly lower shale oil production.


Not a reason to sell BRK, but might be a reason for BRK stock to underperform for a while.


BNSF is probably temporarily impacted by the West Coast port labor slowdown issues causing major congestion in the whole logistics infrastructure.

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