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Oil Sands


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I personally believe we're reached 'peak oil' production and the weak global economy is masking the oil situation. I've followed and invested in Suncor Energy because of their tar sand reserves, which will around for a long time after oil prices become astronomical. Suncor's recent merger with Petro-Canada gives them an attractive portfolio of domestic and international oil and natural gas assets. It's the only 'commodity' position in my portfolio.


I've been thinking about adding to SU and/or, other tar sands operators, primarily Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ), which has interests in the Horizon Oil Sands project and Oil Sands Quest (BQI) formerly CanWest Petroleum. Quest owns ~488 acres in the Pasquia Hills oil shale, which could be worth more than the company's $360M market cap and a potential take-over target.


Appreciate your thoughts on SU, CNQ, or BQI  (I'm long SU)

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