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Introducing myself...


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Just wanted to formally introduce myself. I've been a lurker for nearly 2 years and learned a great deal. Hopefully I'm able to give back over time more then I have taken.  I'm 34 and started managing my own money 5 years ago. I'm a physician assistant working in orthopedic surgery currently in a medical school transition program (thus the handle) but an investor at heart. Looking back I should have gone the business/MBA route but the silver lining is my profession has allowed me reasonable capital to start to compound money.


My biggest holdings by far in my portfolio are PM and MO, (then AIG-WT and BAC- WTA in size). Ironic for a healthcare professional but I see the strength of the business everyday and love the economics of the business. Im a value investor at heart but love dividends.


My biggest mistake this year was OCN although I thankfully got out with a 15% loss. Best gainer this year has been MO. 


I look forward to continue learning and adding meaningfully where I can.  :)

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