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Solo 401K at Interactive Brokers


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While Googling I saw few references of folks having solo 401K at IB. Solo 401K is essentially a trust account but a qualified one. I talked to IB and they said that tax reporting is not suppressed in their  trust accounts. If that's the case then i don't see how anyone can have a solo 401K account at IB.


Am I missing something here? If any of you know anything about having a solo 401K at IB, I will appreciate the input.

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They don't do it, but you can set up a 401(k) Trust (paperwork...) and then have the Trust held at IB.


I believe this option is challenging as you have to create a "real" 401(k) plan, and administer it, but there are some ways to do it on a shoestring.  I know someone who does this, but I have not / do not myself.

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