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What news sites do you browse for investment ideas and learning about markets?


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Oddly enough, some of my best investing ideas have come just from reading random news articles, rather than from screens or even write-ups like on VIC. I am curious to know what other think what news sites offer the best bang for your buck.


I'll go ahead and post mine...


ft.com -- A bit pricey, but they tend to be relatively less biased, there's less click-bait, and their articles tend to be pretty thoughtful and more insightful. this is the best pay-wall news source that I know of

reuters.com -- Just a good site for getting the major headlines for free. Relatively unbiased.

bbc.com and telegraph.co.uk -- obviously a focus on Europe, but also free and unbiased.

economist.com -- a lot of politics articles, but there are usually a few gem articles each issue... pretty cheap subscription as well

google.finance and yahoo.finance -- headlines aggregated from multiple sites and its free


**Note: I searched the forum to see if there was a thread for this already. I didn't see one. Sorry if I am mistaken on that.

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I read the WSJ which I would say is by far my favorite source of ideas. I like Globe Investor from the Globe and Mail and the Globe and Mail itself (Canadian paper). I don't tend to read things online. I really like Bloomberg Business Week. I also read the Economist.

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I find most big news websites full of meaningless stuff tbh, quite easy to waste a lot of your time on them without learning anything of value.


I am increasingly using sites like Seeking Alpha and twitter to get news that I know will be of some interest, along with a couple of Yahoo pages




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Seeking alpha is a good site.  If you ignore the articles and read the comments.  The people writing comments tend to know way more about what is happening with a company than the people writing articles.  Oh, they tend to know alot of the minutia too.

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