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BBC Documentary- Traders: Millions by the Minute


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Started watching this documentary... small piece on value investing.... so far pretty interesting... Enjoy!









Good video. A few comments:


[*]What a huge waste of human potential. Those brilliant people could be building more value painting walls.

[*]They are really fighting a losing game against HFT. Talks about being a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

[*]Why is it that someone thinks they have an information advantage about the FED announcement? Hubris, hubirs, hubris.

[*]Altough I am completely against HFT, I do believe they are helping society... by bringing those trader on the street and get them to do something usefull.

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Thus far I watched the entire first half of the documentary. Much of the focus was on the trader part of things and not once did I hear them mention it is a zero-sum game at best.


Also the hedge fund manager (who was talking about investing for the long term) not wanting to leave the office one our before the markets close. Does she seriously think that matters?  ::)

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Guest 50centdollars

Thanks for posting this. I hope a lot of amateurs don't watch this. The documentary glamorizes trading but in reality most people will lose all their money. I see it all the time in my day job.

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