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Is the GuruFocus subscription worth it?


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Just finished a year of Guru membership. It's close to worth it. Would easily be worth it if they included data on foreign companies. I'm not renewing as of yet though. Would be interested to hear site for reliable 10 year data from world wide companies. I'd pay for that.

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same here, also looking for affordable worldwide data


gf is nice, especially the 10 year data and 15 year download and interactive graphs


for europe and asia, each time they add about 300, so ww cost approx $1000 which seems expensive, especially regarding rest of the world data quality




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I'm thinking of cancelling my FT and Barron's for Gurufocus, including its Europe & Asia coverage. Does this make sense?



I've had a 'free' subscription to Barrons for the last few years (I cancelled the subscription, but they've still never cancelled my digital access  ;) ) and it seems like the recent history of Barrons is this:



-Publish a favorable or negative article on a company/stock.

-1-3 months later: publish an updated article saying they were completely wrong.

-Repeat this process for 90% of their articles.

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