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What brokerage do you guys recommend?

Guest kawikaho

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Guest kawikaho

Hello all,


I currently have several investment accounts with different brokers, and haven't found one to consolidate all of my needs: high yield accounts, IRA, low fees, good service--both customer and operational.  I'm looking around for a new broker that can offer all that.  I was hoping to find one with a retail banking operation, preferably one that has a high yield savings account.  The only one I've found was E-Trade.  It offers a high yield savings/checkings account, and investment accounts as well (I think you can easily switch funds back and forth without the 2-3 week holding period, which has been a deal killer for me), but I've heard the customer service is terrible, and they treat their customers like criminals.  The other idea is to have the funds switched into a high yielding MM fund with very low expense ratios--I currently don't know of any.  I have quite a bit of money sitting around, waiting for good investment oppty's to pop up, but it's sitting around collecting barely any interest. 


Does anyone have any suggestions for a new broker, or maybe a good MM fund to put my funds in while I wait for oppty's to hatch?  Preferably one that is very liquid so I can get out of quickly to buy say ORH-PA at 17.  ;-) 


By the way, does anyone have any experience with Interactive Brokers?  I've used them for a short time, but I've read some problems with the way they handle margins.

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