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Getting financials/shareholder letters from small OTC companies

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A few months ago I purchased shares in a very small company listed on the OTC market thinking that I would get info on their next annual meeting. I just woke up today to find out that they had the meeting and I was never informed.


I want to receive shareholder communications from a few other small companies but am confused as to why I did not receive anything. Some people suggested it may be because I hold the shares in "Street Name" but I receive other proxies etc from larger companies that are held in "Street Name".


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Every company is different.  Some have a majority shareholder so it is all pointless to pay the costs to solicit votes.  Others will not reimburse the broker for the cost to distribute information so the broker doesn't do it.  Some try to be private.  Best thing to do is call them and make sure you are on the information list.  Ask them what is the best way to make sure you get information.  Build bridges.  Find the chatty person whether it is the CEO, CFO or someone else.  You may need to own a share in certificate form to ensure notification. 

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