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Equity report feedback


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Hi all


I was looking for a bit of feedback on the layout of an Equity Summary I'm designing to fit on 1-2 pages. The data itself isn't accurate, I'm just more interested in whether you think the content is useful or if there's anything missing.


It is aimed at the value investor and to give them a quick look at a company in 30 seconds so they can get an idea of whether the company is interesting to research further or not.






Second attempt based on feedback:


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It seems like you cover quite a bit of data, so I don't have much to add there. 


However, the look of it is very distracting--the eye is drawn everywhere (so many colors, fonts, stylings!).  I would try to simplify the design and make it look much more clean.  Use less colors; choose what is important to draw the eye to.  It almost feels like looking at a presentation/webpage from a decade or more back.


I like the second page much better than the first, but again, there is a ton of different stylings even in the table.  I tend to think for layouts/stylings--just pick one or two fonts, 1-3 colors (except on charts), consistent stylings (and not too many).


I'd also move the copyright to the footer area and give it some space from the content--right now it crowds the top area and makes the first page asymmetric.



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I would second racemize, the data is great but the layout is distracting/confusing.


There is a LOT of data that you're trying to show.  I wouldn't try to show less, but think of more innovative ways to show it and reduce the clutter.


For example you have a graph on the second page.  Why not have under each year in a smaller font tangible book value, net cash etc.  These are great data points, but probably not as important as other data so it can be smaller.  This also frees up room.


Maybe combine the two graphs on the first page.  They're cool graphs, overlay them on each other with scales on both sides.  I think it'd be cool to see the P/B trading range on top of the EV/EBITDA trading range.  There could be some useful information in there.


Here's how I'd think about this, step back and ask what story the report is trying to tell.  If you had that tossed on your desk what would you think?  I'd think it's about revenue and EPS, the two items at the top.  Are those the most important?  Once you know the story then you know how to organize it.  If someone were to look at the report for 15s what would they want to know?  What should they see?  Make sure that's up front and visible.


I'd use thinner fonts and duller colors too.  Shrink the text size, you can fit more on a page.


Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot for the feedback so far. I can see what you mean by there being a lot going on. I have tried to get as much information onto one page as I can (as you can probably tell!) but I'll try and redesign it so the eye is attracted to the most important bits, which are probably the trading range graphs and fair values.


I had thought about putting price and history on but as its just a pdf it would become instantly out of date when the price changed so thought it best to avoid that and just put fundamental data on that users could then compare with a live stock quote.

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