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Database Corrupted - Please Report Issues Here!


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Hi Folks,


Somehow the database was corrupted last night, and Watermelon Webworks restored the database from an earlier restore point.  Everything after 6pm was lost until early this morning.  There may be other ancillary issues as well, such as things look a bit out of kilter and need to be adjusted, or files/photos might be missing.


Please report all issues you are having here, except for username/password issues.  If you have username/password issues, please contact me at cornerofberkshireandfairfax@gmail.com.


Thanks very much and I apologize for the outage! 



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I just checked my CoBaF wallet, all my Bitcoins are gone.


>:( >:( >:(


And we just started taking bitcoins here too!  We wanted to be the first value message board that accepts bitcoins, and then eventually be laughed at as bitcoins go the way of trading stamps.  Cheers!

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