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Meryl Witmer's Top Stock Pick - Barron's interview 1/25/2014


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Packer you are nicer person that I am  :D 


I can tell you if I'm giving a presentation to clients and discussing my best idea I don't have to look at notes (this in no way means I'm right).  But then again Ms./Mrs. Witmer has a fantastic track record and is much smarter and wealthier than I am.

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I don't think you necessarily have to be able to remember those things, but it is nice to have that ability in investing because it saves time.  If you can see a quote and immediately remember figures from the statements without looking them up that is an advantage.  I've noticed Graham, Buffett, Klarman and some others seem to be able to recall things really well.  Buffett is  impressive when people ask him things in interviews, sometimes going decades back and quoting statistics about companies he bought.  Graham was the one who really amazed me with his memory - I've seen transcripts of lectures where students asked him about a random company and he immediately started rattling off statistics and facts about the company, and a lot of times they were companies that I imagine he had never invested in.  I've looked into those memory enhancing techniques, to see if I could improve my memory and maybe develop even a sliver of that kind of ability, but the techniques never made much sense to me.


I've also noticed some investors don't get the credit they should because they are less polished writers or speakers.  I've seen some blogs and shareholder letters that aren't that good at selling their ideas, and it's only when you look up their performance that you say, "wow, I really need to pay attention to this person."

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